Doggie Day Care Information

Doggie Day Care

Doggie Daycare is becoming more and more popular across the nation. Doggie Daycare is an excellent way to exercise dogs. Many dogs whose owners work full time are cooped up most of the day. Some of these dogs are in a crate all day. Then when the owner arrives home, exercise for the dog is quite often as brief as a short walk outside to the mailbox or up and down the street. Lack of exercise can lead to obesity, lack of overall fitness, mental boredom, and behavior issues.

Pet Exercise

A dog that has spent 8 hours playing with other dogs comes home exhausted. A tired dog, like a tired child, goes to bed without a fuss and sleeps through the night. This avoids the dog “bothering” the owner continuously asking to play, and the owner becoming frustrated, or ignoring the dog. This can also prevent some problem behaviors that arise from boredom and excess energy.

Pet Social Skills

Dogs that are introduced at a young age to doggie daycare have better social skills. These dogs learn how to interact with other dogs. Normal dogs that regularly attend doggie daycare view most other dogs as playmates, until the other dog signals otherwise.

Additionally, dogs that regularly attend doggie daycare learn independence from their owner. These dogs are exposed to other humans, and can be less likely to view strangers as a threat. Dogs that attend doggie daycare are also less likely to develop separation anxiety. Dogs that are exposed to multiple environments, and many social situations, tend to handle new situations in a more confident manner.

All these aspects of doggie daycare help the owner form a stronger bond with their pet because the pet causes fewer “problems” for them, and is “less work”. The dogs go to sleep when they get home, and the owner feels they have done a good thing for their dog. This is a positive feeling instead of the owner getting frustrated with the dog because all it wants to do is play and the owner is tired from work and wants to relax.

Doggie Day Care Conclusion

In summary, the right doggie daycare facility can prevent dog weight problems, increase the dog’s ability to interact with others, work the dog’s mind as well as muscles, enhance the dog’s overall well being, prevent behavior issues, and strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner.

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